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Unique Handmade Cotton Washable Rugs. Delivered to Your Door Within 24 hours. 28 Days To Try.


Seeking Soft Cotton Rugs To Provide Style, Warmth and Comfort in Your Home? 

A Very Limited Offer of a Rare and Rustic Andalusian Handmade Washable Rug Style, That Looks Stunning on Wood or Tiled Floors.

Are you searching for attractive natural style rugs that can be lived on as well as looked at?


For centuries these rugs have provided the only comfort in simple village homes across Andalusia.


Now for the first time they have become available outside Andalusia.


Our rugs are hand crafted to order by artisans in Andalusia for The Magic of Spain. They are following a production process that has gradually evolved over 1,000 years, when rug making was introduced to Spain.


If you are concerned about buying environmentally friendly products then these rugs are ideal. The rugs - made of recycled cotton - were environmentally friendly centuries before we started thinking 'green'. They're made with off cuts from the textile industry and originally were woven out of cast off clothes.


If you would like a rug but are worried about heavy use, perhaps in a family home then consider this. Our whole range of unique Andalusian rugs are machine washable. What makes this style of rug especially practical is that they are double sided and can be turned over first, before needing to be washed. When both sides are dirty then the rugs can be machine (or hand) washed. Every rug comes with a fact sheet on rug care to help you keep them looking good.


This unique style of rug, made in Spain, is ideal for those who need practical floor coverings that can withstand heavy use but won’t incur heavy dry cleaning bills.


Young children as well as adults will love them because the rugs are soft to the touch.


The fact that the rugs can be turned over and are washable makes them extremely practical.

Marilyn Connell, Houston


The sizes and styles suits any room from the bedroom and lounge to the hall or conservatory.


We are confident that you will be delighted with your rug and therefore are offering a 28 days returns policy – see our Returns Policy for details.


Supply is extremely limited because of the lengthy production process – at present we can only secure a few hundred rugs a year. A new shipment has just been received so order now to secure your rug.

Prices for our main ranges start from £40.


Thank you.

Owner, Magic of Spain

* Some of these rugs contain a small percentage of other recycled materials apart from cotton. Also, the largest size may not fit a standard size washing machine.

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Natural off-white hue, reversible cotton rug

Available in
240 x 170 cm (7'10” x 5'7” approx ) £120 each
170 x 120 cm (5'7" x 3'11”approx) £75 each

Around 1.5 cm thick. Prices

include VAT, UK courier delivery and packing.

Slide show of design here.

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Natural off-white hue single sided rug

Available in
170 x 120 cm (5'7" x 3.11”approx) £60

Around 1 cm thick. Price includes

VAT, UK courier delivery and packing.

Slide show of design here.

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Natural off-white hue with light brown mix reversible cotton rug

Available in
170 x 120 cm (5'7" x 3'11”approx) £75

130 x 70 cm ( 4’3” x 2’3.5" approx ) £40

Around 1.5 cm thick. Prices includes VAT, UK courier delivery and packing.

Slide show of design here.

More about the rugs

Are you trying to buy online rugs or carpets that have a natural style look and feel? Perhaps area rugs, hearth rugs or carpets with a soft and deep weave? Or a large rug? And in neutral colours that will complement stripped wood or tiled floors and will add warmth and comfort in the winter?


Made to a high quality standard specified by The Magic of Spain these rugs are available in very limited quantities.  Because of the time it takes to make each rug and the small capacity of the workshop where the rugs are made supply to The Magic of Spain is currently restricted to a few hundred rugs a year.


“Rug making there (in Andalusia) is a cottage industry and the process of hand looming and finishing is fascinating to see. This unique style of weaving rugs to recycle cotton off cuts has developed in isolation and is different to any other I’ve come across.  It’s been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years."


Karen Puerta - The Magic of Spain



Skillfully handcrafted

Each rug is skillfully handcrafted in Andalusia using the traditional methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. This means each rug is individually made. No two rugs look exactly the same so please be aware that yours may differ slightly from the photographs.


As you can see from the photographs in the slide shows above the rugs have a deep weave. They are soft to the touch and are ideal for natural floors such as terracotta and stripped floorboards, giving warmth, comfort and some sound insulation.  


The main style has a natural off-white hue and the rugs are about 1.5 cm thick. The other style has very subtle light brown stripes across.


The art of rug making was originally brought to Spain by the Moors around the 10th century and this style of rug making developed in the villages of Andalusia. With bitterly cold winters in the mountains the rugs provided warmth and comfort in the tiny village houses that were otherwise pretty spartan.


If you Order now you will have UK delivery within four working days.  Or you can call 01273 382263 with your credit card details. All prices currently include packing and courier delivery. 


You can also specify on the order page if you want us to deliver rugs as gifts direct to the recipients.



Thank you very much for your interest.



You can order using your credit ⁄ debit card via our secure server or using your paypal account.

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